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Charles Johnson law firm has done a wonderful job in handling my son’s case. My son was experiencing some behavioral issues and legal issues that I needed representation for. My son needed more rehabilitation and counseling than he needed punishment. Charles saw to it that my son got the help he needed and also minimized the impact of his actions during the punishment phase. I would highly recommend Charles for anyone that values a more personalized approach. The staff was professional and provided great follow up.

Clay N. / Charles Johnsons review
Clay N Avvo

Charles Johnson Jr. Law firm is a place I will always recommend. I have delt with Mr. Johnson in a couple of situations and let me say to be able to see my family everyday is truly a blessing. Mr. Johnson and his team are very courteous and respond in a timely manner. When I needed someone to do everything in their power Mr. Johnson didn’t let me down. My family and I will always be thankful to him.

A Lawyer That Will Fight To The End!!!
Willie Avvo

This guy and his associates are the best. I had another attorney on this case but he was so negative and unresponsive I changed firms. I am so glad I did. Calls and emails were answered immediately. They were always upbeat and positive. Very professional too. Even the clerk and the baliffs in the courtroom were talking about Mr. Johnson and wanting to know who had him representing them. ME!!!! HIs staff are all great too. I had someone by my side every appearance and afterwards they would explain thoroughly what happened and what would happen next. My case was dismissed and all due to their hard work and prowess in that courthouse. I cannot say enough nice things about all of them. I would strongly recommend this firm to anyone. He came recommended by a friend of my Mother’s and all I can say is Thank God! He was the same price as the horrible first attorney I had. Same money and excellent representation. A winning combo in my book.

Best Firm Ever
William Avvo

I called every attorney in town with my case [3 charges of Federal Felony: Bomb Hoax]. I had quotes ranging from 10k-44k to get a lawyer. I am just a college student, and a disabled veteran that had just lost a family member. I talked to Charles over the phone then met at his office for consultation. He was clear that he could handle it before it even went to trial. I hired him for 5k, and he immediately started working on my case. He managed to keep me off the news, seal my files and keep me out of prison. I was facing 15 years in prison for the offenses, and since it was at federal level the conviction rates are very common in these cases. He was able to reduce it to a single offense from the 3 and my penalty was to pay my restitution and complete my probation. I do not regret choosing Charles Johnson because had I gone with anyone else I wouldn’t be able to write this review today. The other lawyers told me that I should wait for trial and try to negotiate the sentence then… But Charles handled it immediately, yes, he came through on his promises.

He actually pulled it off!
Name Withheld at Client's Request Avvo

After getting charged with my 5th felony assault and I had been to TDC once and state jail once already I went and talked to Charles with a good friend who used him already. Charles gave me his word and backed it up. 7 months later even with witnesses my charges were dropped just like he told me he would make happen. I should have went to prison at least 5 years but instead I walked out of there free.
If you want an attorney who generally cares for you, takes his job serious, trustworthy, creates positive results, and worth every cent he his paid, then Charles Johnson is what you want on your team. He is a super lawyer and a down to earth man. He is a true blessing!!!

Amazing attorney who wins when odds are against him.
Drew Avvo

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