Although we prefer to share our victories and results in the privacy of your in-office consultation, we realize that some potential clients would like an idea of our recent results when making a decision about who to hire during this most serious of times.

The following are actual results from recent  REAL cases by this firm:

Type of Case Result
Terroristic Threat Dismissed
Possession of Crack/Possession of Marijuana Dismissed
Theft over $20,000 Dismissed
Possession of Controlled Substance, Stolen Property Dismissed
Aggravated Assault Probation
Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle Dismissed
Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child Dismissed
DWI – Defendant struck a Pedestrian One year of Probation
Intoxication Manslaughter Probation
Possession of Marijuana – Defendant Caught At Police Station with marijuana, scales, and loaded firearms Probation
Assault Dismissed
Felony Theft Probation
Sexual Assault Dismissed
DWI Reduced to Class C Reckless Driving on day of Trial
Motion to Adjudicate Felony Probation Dismissed
Felony Evading Arrest/Detention Dismissed on day of trial
Possession of Marijuana Reduced to Disorderly Conduct
Attempted Sexual Assault No billed at the Grand Jury
Aggravated Assault Dismissed
Juvenile in Possession of 1/2 lb. Of Marijuana Probation
Manufacturing/Delivery of Controlled Substance>400 grams Dismissed
Aggravated Robbery – Defendant w/priors Probation
Public Lewdness Dismissed
Felony Cruelty to Animals Not Guilty
Possession of Marijuana Dismissed
Aggravated Assault Probation
Assault Dismissed
CPS case/Felony Injury to a Child Dismissed
Felony Criminal Mischief Dismissed
Assault Dismissed
Assault Dismissed
DWI w/child in vehicle – .285 BAC w/DWI then pending Probation
Possession of Marijuana and Crack Dismissed
Resisting Arrest Dismissed
Criminal Trespass Dismissed
Criminal Trespass Dismissed
DWI $500 Fine
Assault – Family Member Dismissed
Possession of Marijuana Probation
Possession of Controlled Substance Dismissed
Minor in Possession Dismissed
Felony DWI Dismissed
Felony Injury to a Child by Habitual Felon 2 years Probation
Assault Dismissed
Possession of Marijuana Dismissed
Possession of Controlled Substance Dismissed
Aggravated Assault Dismissed on day before trial
Assault Dismissed
Possession of a Dangerous Drug $250 Fine
Hindering Apprehension of a Federal Fugitive Dismissed
Motion to Adjudicate Misdemeanor Probation Dismissed
Motion to Adjudicate Felony Probation – Fugitive for 10 yrs Dismissed
Motion to Adjudicate Felony Probation Dismissed

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