Criminal Solicitation of a Minor (Under 17): Hire the Proven Criminal Lawyer in Houston

Online solicitation of a minor has become the “crime of the week.” Dateline NBC and copycat shows have flooded the airwaves with online solicitation specials, which has helped online solicitation become one of the most frequently investigated crimes. It is also one of the most reviled crimes among both law enforcement and the general public, which is why those charged should get help as soon as possible.

Under Texas law, online solicitation occurs when someone 18 years of age or older has online contact (via email, instant messaging or another medium) with someone under the age of 17, in an attempt to lure, entice or solicit the minor to commit a sexual act. An actual meeting for the sexual act is not required for the crime to be complete; the online conversation is enough. Solicitation of a minor is a third-degree felony that carries up to five years in prison for each and every solicitation made — which means that each conversation adds five years to the potential sentence.

  • Internet Solicitation of a Minor is a serious charge that prosecutors pursue aggressively and the potential penalties include significant prison time;
  • Factors in the Internet Solicitation of a Minor charges will include the age of the accuser, circumstances surrounding the alleged solicitation, record of prior convictions, strength of the evidence, credibility of witnesses, and reputation/credibility of the defendant;
  • In Internet Sex Crime cases where the alleged victim was contacted through instant messaging or over a social media outlet such as Facebook or MySpace, there are viable successful defense strategies relating to the website and/or messaging service;
  • If your civil rights were violated in your arrest or if the evidence against you was gathered in a way that might be a civil rights violation, Attorney Charles Johnson will have the arrest invalidated, the evidence excluded, and all charges dismissed;
  • If you are innocent of the crime charged or if there are circumstances that can be explained, you should understand the police sometimes get it wrong and you must consult a criminal defense attorney prior to speaking with them;

The prosecutor and police have already lined up a case against you including police reports, witnesses, computer logs, and other evidence. You must act quickly to prevent the state from gaining even more of an unfair advantage.

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