If there’s one thing I hate, its lawyers.  Just kidding… Seriously though, one of the main complaints that citizens have in dealing with lawyers is the issue of creeping bills.  Everything from getting charged for phone calls, paperclips, staples, faxes, emails etc., to getting exorbitant hourly bills that far exceed what the client thought would be a reasonable cost for services rendered.

Here at the Charles Johnson Law Firm, we charge FLAT FEES.  Every thing we do is included in your one fee.  Once we agree on a fee, that’s it:  no hourly charges, no hidden fees, no additional monies that take you by surprise.  One fee, to set you free!  The Charles Johnson Law Firm, solving problem$ every day…

Legal fees can add up very quickly when you are billed on a hourly basis. If you are in need of an attorney, the last thing you want to worry about is escalating legal fees you cannot afford to pay. A common complaint that clients make about hourly legal fees is that the client is even billed for a simple phone call, email messages or a letter. This happens when the client agrees to pay their attorney on an hourly basis.

A Flat Fee is a one-time fee for legal serves paid at the start of your representation by the Charles Johnson Law Firm. You will be informed of the specific Flat Fee you will be charged for your case during your initial no-cost consultation. After you have paid the Flat Fee, you will not be required to pay any additional fee for legal services, with the exception of court filing and motion fees paid to the court.

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer: The Charles Johnson Law Firm

Clients of Attorney Charles Johnson appreciate the option to pay on a Flat Fee basis for legal services versus an hourly fee retainer agreement. They know they will be represented through the entire proceeding including a trial by an experienced, aggressive Criminal Attorney.

The Charles Johnson Law Firm accepts the following forms of payment for their services:

  • American Express
  • Cash
  • Cash App
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Easy Payment Plans Available
  • Debit Cards
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Money Orders
  • PayPal
  • Personal Checks
  • Travelers Checks
  • Zelle

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