Houston DWI Lawyer » Charged With Driving While Intoxicated? What You Must Know About ALR Hearings

  HAVE YOU BEEN CHARGED WITH A DWI IN HOUSTON? Houston DWI Lawyer Charles Johnson protects his clients from the consequences of DWI charges.  CONTACT US ONLINE right now, or call us anytime at 1-877-308-0100. Charles Johnson is available 24/7 and will provide you with a free case consultation. What is an ALR Hearing? Many Texas drivers who are arrested…

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Houston DWI: Penalties for Multiple Driving While Intoxicated Arrests

There are set penalties an individual will be given for a Houston DWI. Certain factors trigger penalties to increase, like multiple Driving While Intoxicated offenses, the presence of minors, or accidents that resulted in the injury or death of another individual. In addition to legal penalties, many individuals convicted of DWI face problems outside of the courtroom, such as social…

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